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The only requirement is that you have to be enrolled in any course at Bocconi University

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Research & IT focuses on publishing all the articles you can find on the webpage and on the Instagram account, developing knowledge and spreading the word related to cybersecurity; moreover, we developed this website and all the other platforms and technologies needed to communicate with our peers and everybody interested in building a resilient cyber organization!


Our job is to organize various association’s events from workshops and networking opportunities to guest lectures from professors or company representatives. More specifically we are tasked to manage, plan and develop every aspect of those events, while also coming up with new formats and propositions for future experiences.


Our main tasks involve the management of various social media platforms of the association on Instagram and LinkedIn. This management includes numerous macro-tasks, including: planning, strategy and goal setting, brand awareness development and online reputation management.


Our activity focuses on deepening the understanding of cyber-related legislation. Apart from autonomous research on cyber law, the Legal Desk helps the other departments, especially Consulting and Research, by ensuring compliance with IT law: it is the right place for law students passionate about technology.

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