President and Research

Hi everyone! My name is Alberto Chilese and I am the president of B.Cyber. I am also responsible for both the Research department, where we write and publish articles, as well as the Technology department, through which we develop the platforms needed for communication within our association. 

We would love to have you onboard! If you have any questions, please contact me at or my IG @albertochilese


Hola, my name is Jean and I am the co-head of the consulting branch at B.Cyber. I graduated in Economics and International Affairs, and now I am pursuing a masters degree in Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance. In the consulting, we do case studies, simulations, and many other interesting activities to raise awareness about cybersecurity-related issues. We are trying to expand our operations and we’d like you to hop on board and join us. If you have any doubts, please contact me via email at

Hello, my name is Alessandro and I am the co-head of the consulting branch at B.Cyber. I graduated in Business Management  and at the moment I’m enrolled in the master of  Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance. If you have any problems or doubts please contact me at


Hello everyone! I’m Matteo and I am the vice-president of B.Cyber. I’m a former Computer Engineering student and a cyber enthusiast. I also coordinate the IT support department. Here me and the team take care about the website and the technological aspect of our association. You can contact me at any time for any info about our team or any curiosity! Just send a mail to

Social Media

Hello! My name is Federica and here at B.Cyber I am the Head of Social Media, the department that is in charge of the communication and promotion of activities and events carried out by the association. Our main social media channels are Instagram (@as.bcyber) and Linkedin (@B.Cyber). 

We are looking for new members that can help in creating engaging content in order to reach more people and raise awareness and interest in cybersecurity.

Do not hesitate to contact me via email at


Hi! My name is Andrea Roncatti and I am the treasurer of B.Cyber. I also cooperate with the consulting team as a junior consultant. I am a former BIEM student and I’m currently enrolled in the MSc in Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance.Do not hesitate to contact me via email if you need any help/clarification at

Human Resources

Hello! My name is Timotea Tetakova and I work in HR, Literature Review and Events. I make sure that everything published by B.Cyber is correct and aligned with our goals and objectives, all while efficiently spreading awareness about cyber risks. If you have any questions about the application process or available positions, I am always available through e-mail at We would love it if you joined us!


Hi everybody! My name is Tomiris and I am the head of Events. I am currently a BIEM student. I joined to explore the world of cybersecurity through the knowledgeable members and professionals in the field. We take care of the events both for the members of B.Cyber and for the Bocconi community. For any questions or suggestions feel free to write to Stay curious!

Legal Desk

Hello there! My name is Leonardo and I am the head of the Legal Desk. I am currently a fourth-year law student and I joined the association last year. Being law involved in the cybersecurity and IT world, our task is to deepen this legal side through autonomous research and to support the other departments of B.Cyber, ensuring compliance.If you are curious about our work or want some clarification, contact me at

Our members

Research: Charlotte Arnoud, Asia Giusti, Andrea Borromini, Andrea De Gennaro, Francesco Citti, Mattia Forzo, Giulio Caputi, Giovanni Recchi, Renato Iannace

Consulting: Andrea Roncatti, Chiara D’Ignazio, Emanuele Roppo, Damyan G. Bashliev, Alessandro Gregolin, Federica Kulka, Leo Talaas, Asya Peruzzo, Nour Jennane, Bora Culhan, Alessandro Morosini, Federica Stefanizzi, Gaetano Brucculeri, Francesco Doti

IT: Michele Usher, Jacopo Bracaloni

Social Media: Marco Castagna, Adele Latini

Events: Beatrice Riva, Bora Levenishti, Mattia Lorenzo, Timotea Tetakova, Sofia Santoro

Legal Desk: Albert Finocchiaro, Alessandro De Luca, Emanuele Della Santa, Mariarosaria Sellitto

Special thanks to the former Board and the creators of this reality:

Mohammed Chraim, Chiara Gasparrini, Amin Skhita, Davide Marconi, Matteo Veludo, Arianna Prati, Victor Tardieu, Valeria Vitiello, Giovanna Alberta Stefani, Domenico Alesci, Oliver Segre, Silvia Belloni, Giuseppe Porcari, Martina Burzio, Fatbardh Luari

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